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Safe and Sound sequel: Laura tries to do yoga again but this time she can't because she's got a toddler hanging all over her. (Laura comes to accept that she may never do yoga again) Bill walks in on this scene and laughs extremely hard.

Laura closes her eyes, takes a deep breath—


Her eyes fly open.  ”Rae!”

She grabs her daughter just as Rae is about to knock over the tall stack of books on Bill’s desk.

"Now, we’re drawing, remember?" Laura reminds her, setting her down in front of her paper and handing her a pencil.  "We’re drawing, so Mommy can do her yoga and not kill people later."

Rae, blinking her big green eyes impassively, does not seem impressed by this.

Laura retreats to the patch of rug a few feet from her daughter, pulls one leg up into tree pose, and closes her eyes—

—and is knocked backwards as Rae launches herself at the leg she was balancing on.

"What the frak—”

"Are you relaxed yet?" Bill calls from the doorway.  

Laura shoots him a glare.  ”We just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet,” she retorts.

"Of course," Bill agrees.  "I didn’t doubt you for a minute.  But…maybe I’ll take Rae for a walk, anyway?"

Laura regrets the glare.  ”Thank you,” she says, trying to keep a hold of her dignity.  ”I would appreciate that.”

Bill smiles (a little smugly, but Laura can live with that) and leads their daughter out of the room.


Laura sits down, pulls her legs up into lotus pose, and closes her eyes—

"Madame President?"

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incase ur having a bad day, heres a sleeping wolf puppy!


incase ur having a bad day, heres a sleeping wolf puppy!

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And Laura’s going to get to the rendezvous point. I have to believe that.


BSG Rewatch

1.12 Kobol’s Last Gleaming p. 1


BSG Rewatch

1.12 Kobol’s Last Gleaming p. 1



favorite character meme || five episodes | Entangled Bank

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81/∞ | Alison Hendrix

81/ Alison Hendrix

neverlendbooks said: *giggle* I assume this is gonna be killer!verse?

Who, me?  Nah.  I am not at all pondering what made Laura kill someone in her kitchen.  Nope.  Not at all.

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neverlendbooks replied to your post:hollyandsage replied to…

"It’s a gift. Never lend mugs." Catchy. (Seriously though, I love this verse!)

I know, you’re probably going to want to change your url ;)  (It’s good advice, though: you never get mugs back.)

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"…Plausible deniability"